Keir Starmer’s Labour will back up big business (Picture: UK Parliament)

Labour has barely benefitted at all as the Tories knock lumps out of each other in a bid to see who can be the most repulsive. Its senior politicians and right wing cheerleaders crowed after a poll showed the difference in support for Labour and the Tories had widened to 13 percent. Yet support for Labour has barely grown at all.

Compared to a similar poll a month ago support for the Tories had fallen by five percent—from 34 percent to 29 percent. In between the two polls, Tory chief whip Chris Pincher resigned for sexual harassment, Boris Johnson left and the candidates replacing him began tearing their party apart. Yet Labour’s support only grew by 1 point—from 41 to 42 percent. In another poll, support for Labour leader Keir Starmer actually fell from -11 to -19. 

It shows Labour offers no alternative or protection as bosses launch a huge assault on working class people’s living standards, and the Tories prepare a fresh offensive. Instead, it promises “growth” and profits for the bosses—and more pay cuts for working class people. As bosses try to hold down workers’ wages while driving inflation up to nearly 12 percent, Labour is desperate to show it doesn’t support pay rises. 

It has refused to say it would break from the Tories by giving NHS workers more than a 5 percent pay increase—a real terms pay cut. Starmer sacked MP Sam Tarry as transport minister for saying last week that workers should get a pay rise. An unnamed senior Labour official fretted, “If you don’t sack him for that, what’s to stop a junior member of Wes Streeting’s team doing the same next week and announcing we’ll give above inflation pay rises for nurses?”

The Tories’ collapsing support means Labour may well win the next general election. But the last week has shown it would be a government that sides with bosses as they assault workers’ pay.

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