Oladeji Adeyemi Omishore died after police tasered him on Chelsea Bridge (Picture: Inquest.org.uk)

Police continue to kill—and continue to get away with it. Oladeji Omishore (Deji), was Tasered while experiencing mental distress, on Chelsea Bridge in west London in June. His family this week condemned the cops’ “excessive and unnecessary force”. Deji’s father, Alfred, said, “The Metropolitan police are solely responsible for his untimely death.”

Despite being in obvious pain, Met police continued to Taser Deji. To escape the torture of being shot with up to 50,000 volts, he jumped into the Thames and later died in hospital. Cops then lied to the media about Deji carrying a weapon and gave misinformation to his family about his death. The two officers involved are being treated as witnesses, rather than facing charges. Both remain on active duty.  

It’s not the first time grieving families say police have avoided accountability. Warwickshire police who used excessive force contributing to the death of Darren Cumberbatch were also treated as subjects.  Only last month, five years on, a reinvestigation was launched where their evidence will be cross-examined. Deji’s family say it is “incomprehensible” that the cops are not facing any charges. 

And they slammed the lack of punishment for police as “dysfunctional”. This does not look like a robust system capable of holding the police to account,” they said. They are 100 percent right. The whole system is guilty.

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