Rishi Sunak visits Cromarty Firth Port Authority (Picture: Number 10/Flickr)

Our rulers are liars. Don’t believe a word they say. From strikes and pay to health workers and refugees, they make up stories to suit their narrative. For instance, they ramp up racism to demonise those “illegally” crossing the Channel. 

The Tories like to point to avoidance of “safe and legal routes” as the cause. But there are no safe routes into Britain unless you are already recognised as a refugee. Only schemes for Afghans and Ukrainians provide this status. The Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme with three pathways has allowed 6,300 into Britain since last January. 

They were promised their families could join them, but there is currently no mechanism to do this. The Tories said they’d resettle 20,000 Afghan refugees over five years. But look closer, and it’s not that simple. From the first year 6,314 have been resettled through Pathway One—those effectively already settled in Britain.

Just four refugees have been given entry through Pathway Two, which is for those referred by the United Nations. As for Pathway Three, none of those who worked for, or were affiliated with, the British government have been resettled. Around 6,000 have been brought over through the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy for those who worked with Britain.

Afghans are still the largest group crossing the Channel—that’s what happens when there are no legal routes.  Meanwhile, the super-rich gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  Oxfam’s new report says two thirds of the new wealth amassed since the start of the pandemic has gone to the wealthiest 1 percent—a total of £21 trillion. 

But we’re told there’s no money for free health care, higher salaries for public workers, an end to climate change or eradication of poverty. Quantitative easing designed to keep the rich loaded boosted property value and shares. So while ordinary people were told to put up and shut up, the world’s richest were laughing.

A tiny 5 percent tax on multimillionaires and billionaires could raise £1.4 trillion a year, lift 2 billion out of poverty and fund a plan to end world hunger. But Rishi Sunak—the richest man in parliament, whose wife is a billionaire—isn’t going to see the grotesque side of this.

Instead, he’s happy to wage war against strikers in the rail, post, health and education industries battling to keep these services alive. He says it’s the fault of refugees that the NHS is crumbling. And ambulance drivers and teachers are selfish for fighting for an increase to their poverty pay.

The Tories are hypocrites. They only care about themselves and their rich buddies.

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