Cartoons by Zoom Rockman illustrate St Pancreas Defendat Me

When Boris Johnson became Tory prime minister in 2019, author Michael Rosen began composing “letters” on behalf of stereotype toff Jacob Rees‑Mogg MP. It started as a bit of fun, and a way to satirise the absurd goings on at the top of government.

But as Rosen kept tweeting, his letters, between Mogg, Johnson, Dominic Cummings and others grew in popularity. That’s thanks to the humour, wordplay and vulgarity you might expect from Rosen.

Now Seven Arches publishing has brought them all together in a book, illustrated with cartoons by Zoom Rockman and John Lightbourne. Read this way, it’s almost like a satirical history.

Certainly the events at the beginning of the book—before the pandemic, and when Jeremy Corbyn was Labour Party leader—feel a very long time ago. But it’s worth remembering how we got here—and maybe laughing about it too.

St Pancreas Defendat Me, by Michael Rosen. Published by Seven Arches, £8.99

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