Rishi Sunak has plenty of money for weapons of war (Number 10 on Flickr)

The Tories say millions of workers have to accept pay cuts because there’s not enough money around. People have to freeze and go hungry because there’s not the cash to give them a decent life.

But there’s always funds for the rich and for war. Rishi Sunak announced on Monday that he will raise Britain’s military budget by £5 billion over the next two years.

It would cost a fifth of that to give teachers or junior doctors an above-inflation pay rise. And there’s always concern for the Tories themselves. As workers fear spiralling energy bills, Sunak was cosy in the north Yorkshire manor house that he occupies on weekends.

His new heated swimming pool uses so much energy that the local electricity network had to be upgraded to meet its power demands

Inequality, war, poverty, racism and environmental destruction are bred into the capitalist system. But there’s also resistance, and we’ll see that on the picket lines and the demonstrations this week.

There are crucial battles to win over pay and much more. But we also need to fight together to overthrow the system that produces all the horrors we face.

The only way to finish racism and poverty off for good is to smash the capitalist system. And that won’t happen without revolutionary political organisation. It’s time to join the socialists.

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