Confronting the bigots at a drag queen event (Picture: Jo Holland)

For the fourth time, Turning Point UK (TPUK) and its fascist mates targeted the drag queen story telling session in a south east London pub last Saturday. And for the fourth time, hundreds of counter‑protesters turned out to stop them.

After last month’s aggressive policing which facilitated TPUK’s protest and injured anti-fascists, some were fearful for their safety.

Disgust at the police behaviour led to complaints and the involvement of local MP and Labour councillors.

The police have also repeatedly tried to get the Honor Oak pub to stop its drag story events, doing the far-right’s job for them. But the pub has stood firm.

On Saturday 200 counter-protesters filled the area outside the pub in a celebration of our diversity, facing up to around 20 TPUK supporters. Union banners and delegations added to the strength on our side as different anti-fascist organisations again worked together.

This time TPUK got nowhere near the pub. To warm cheers, That Girl, the drag queen storyteller came out after we’d seen off TPUK to thank everyone, saying, “We’ll continue to fight them until they go away.”

Michaela Loebner

Stand Up to Racism public meeting. Who are the new far right? Wed 7 June, 7pm, Honor Oak Pub, London, SE23 1JG

Speakers include That Girl and Shar Cooterie—drag artists targeted by Turning Point UK, Matt Foot author of “Charged—how the police try to suppress protest”, Weyman Bennett SUTR co-convenor, Eleanor Davies Lewisham NEU district secretary. Details here

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