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Since the media—and sections of the left—rediscovered the idea of strikes a year ago, there is much more media coverage of workers’ struggle.

There are multiple websites, and newspaper articles about “who’s out this month” and so on. Some of these are valuable.

But most depend on a very limited range of sources. When they’re not parroting the Tory and bosses’ line, essentially they just transmit the message from the headquarters of the trade unions.

And they are constrained politically by subservience to the people sitting at the top of the unions.

When the general secretary and their media team want to push a strike it will appear in the media. When they don’t there’s silence.

Socialist Worker starts from workers’ struggle, not from the output of the union headquarters.

And our readers and supporters on the ground are an invaluable source of material about the most important battles.

Last week we were virtually the only source to cover properly the construction walkouts at Hinkley Point and Stanlow. Instead of fearing to report them because they were unofficial action, we celebrated them.

Those who loyally side with the union leaders through everything can only capture a small part of the picture regarding strikes.

For a newspaper and a website that stands with workers in all their fights, read Socialist Worker.

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