Anti-fascists rally at RAF Scampton (Picture: Sheffield Stand up to racism)

Alek Yerbury’s fascist National Support Detachment had a humiliating day near Lincoln last Saturday. Yerbury, who dresses like Adolf Hitler, had promised his supporters a three‑day camp outside RAF Scampton.

The government intends to herd refugees into the disused base this year. But last Saturday 50 supporters of Stand Up To Racism gathered outside the camp to find a maximum of ten Yerbury supporters sitting outside. The anti-racists were ready to push off the fascists, but police blocked them.

An FBU union fire truck led the convoy of anti-racists to the base. And assistant general secretary Ben Selby said the fascists’ “message of racism, the message of intolerance is not ours”. He called for solidarity “with migrants, with refugees, with economic migrants”.

Gavyn from the local SUTR group told a rally that “Yerbury does not have the support of local people, and we have shown that today”.

Maxine Bowler from Sheffield trades council that the protest had been a success and had “rattled the cage” of the fascists. As for the Tories, she said it was Tory Lee Anderson who “should fuck off, not refugees”. 

Jay Williams from Stand Up To Racism said the Tories’ hateful policies encouraged the Nazis. He added that the deaths of six people in the Channel that morning was a tragic example of the price of Tory hatred.


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