Unite union members rally outside St Mungo’s headquarters at Thomas More Square in London (Picture: Guy Smallman)

We still have energy, and people are joining us on the picket and signing up to the union on pickets.

We’re phone banking too, and strategically thinking about how we’re reaching out to people and getting them involved. I’d be frustrated if this ended soon—we’re still gaining so much with a lot more to do.

We’ve been so busy pulling all these things together and trying to think about who we can contact next. I have so many WhatsApp chats planning things, filling times and events after meetings.

On Wednesday we’re planning to watch the women’s football together too. Those that are really involved have become more determined.

There will be things after this dispute that we want to challenge. We know it’s a pay dispute but it’s come to be so much more than that.

People I’m close with on the pickets have talked about being really strong when we go back in and it’ll mean we can challenge other things. Not too many people are going back in. Unite union membership is nearly growing and we’re nearly at 900—that’s nearly doubled during the dispute.

We’ve been having socials too such as picnics. After one last Friday, we joined the BMA junior doctors’ union protest on Whitehall. On Monday I was on a BMA picket too and we’re planning on joining different strikes too.

There’s Gatwick Airport coming up and we can see the value of lining up other disputes and keeping in touch with them.

And we’ve been hearing from other disputes, like on Tuesday at the demonstration we had a few people join us from Shelter. They were telling us about how they won 7 percent with less reserves—it shows what’s possible.


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