Donald Trump is still the leading candidate in the Republican Party

Former US president Donald Trump said he would surrender to authorities in the state of Georgia this week to face yet more charges of corruption and fraud.  In this case he is accused of scheming to overturn his 2020 election loss.

Yet despite now facing around 100 charges, he remains the favourite to be the Republican candidate for next year’s presidential election. In a recent poll 62 percent of Republican voters said they supported Trump. The next most favoured candidate, Ron DeSantis, trailed behind with just 16 percent of the vote. 

Trump has decided—probably correctly—that to stay in front he should avoid contact with any form of reality. He announced last weekend that he would not participate in Wednesday’s first debate among Republican presidential candidates, or in any future debate.

Instead he hopes to turn the charges into evidence that he is an outsider battling against an elite.

And he has some success because the Joe Biden administration doesn’t deliver for workers, or those affected by the Maui fire or those who want an end to the Ukraine war.  

Biden’s failures can open the door to Trump and his kind of politics. It won’t be the clever lawyers of prosecutors that beat Trumpism. It will be movement on the streets and in workplaces that goes beyond the Democrats.


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