Andrew Drummond, in the glasses and grey coat

Comrades and friends were saddened to hear of the death of Andrew Drummond. Andrew was a lifelong member of the Socialist Workers Party, joining our forerunner, the International Socialists in the early seventies.

He was active in Liverpool SWP. Andy will be remembered for his emphasis on building the branch and why Socialist Worker sales are so important.

In the mid-80s he did a regular early morning sale at Ford Halewood. He loved sharing his interest in books in particular detective fiction and the writings of Helen Dunmore.

And if comrades had trouble with their central heating Andy would be there with advice having installed his own system single-handedly. After retiring as an Educational Psychologist, Andrew became active in the UCU union at Lancaster University while lecturing part time.

He supported the students’ revolt over tuition fees in November 2010. In his mid-60s he got up at 5am to go to the demonstration at Millbank in London despite being  the obstacles put in his way by society as a disabled person.

Later in life he was unable to travel to demonstrations, but he would support coaches financially and would help with our Saturday stalls to build them. We often say that the revolutionary party is the memory of our class.

Andrew was truly the memory of Lancaster SWP. His contributions in meetings were always thoughtful, incisive, and he could explain our politics simply, and clearly. He was an avid reader of politics and history.

When we could not get speakers, he could do a meeting at the drop of a hat on almost any topic. He was particularly good at talking to new and younger comrades. Andrew was also a lover of the arts, music and theatre.

He kept an eye on the programme of the local theatre, recommending shows and performances of interest for a branch trip. Andrew continued to be active in Lancaster branch until very recently.

His commitment was demonstrated in his determination to attend paper sales even when having treatment for cancer. Condolences to his wife Meg, and Andrew’s brothers, Gordon, and Ian. He will be greatly missed.

Eugene Doherty, Audrey Glover, Julie Hearn, and David Bridge

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