Angry protesters gathered in London demanding justice for Chris Kaba last October (Picture: Guy Smallman)

On the anniversary of the police killing of Chris Kaba, his family has demanded a charging decision on the prosecution of the cop who shot Chris.

They have also called a protest at New Scotland Yard for this Saturday

The police shot Chris on 5 September last year with a single gunshot in Streatham Hill. He died the next day.

He was subjected to a “hard stop” after he was pursued by two unmarked armed response vehicles carrying specialist firearms officers, weapons and ammunition. Then his car was blocked and surrounded by officers. One then shot him through the windscreen.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has had the file of evidence from the tame IOPC watchdog since March.

“We need a decision,” his mother Helen said. “Not in one week, not in one month, we need it as soon as possible,” his father Prosper added.

“If the officer was a civilian, he would have been in jail the next day,” Prosper added. “He killed Chris, he killed the family as well. There is no life for us.

“Everyone is missing his smile, everyone is missing his laugh, everyone is missing his jokes.”

“I feel so empty, I need answers,” Helen said. “I need them to tell me why and how he died.”

In a statement, the family said, “We demand a charging decision without further delay. Throughout the last year, there has been a lack of urgency.

“Our family, alongside the community who have supported us over the past year, have been consistent in our call for accountability.

“We believe that it was possible within six months of Chris being killed both for the IOPC to complete a well-resourced and effective criminal investigation and for the CPS to provide us with a charging decision.”

Deborah Coles, director of the charity Inquest said, “It is simply unacceptable that we do not yet have a charging decision.

“This exacerbates the family’s trauma and grieving process.”

The family’s lawyer Daniel Machover from Hickman and Rose said he was “appalled” by the CPS’s delay in making a decision on charges.

“In what other comparable suspected homicide case involving firearms discharged by a civilian does the CPS consider it appropriate to take so long to make a charging decision?”

The family has called a protest this Saturday, 9 September, 12 noon at New Scotland Yard, London.


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