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Jacobin began thirteen years ago yesterday.

Jacobin has now been in print for thirteen years. That means thirteen years of publishing with the goal of revealing the truth about capitalism — a system based on exploitation and the degradation of the human spirit — and thirteen years of offering a vision of a real alternative to it, socialism.

We’ve grown from an ugly website with only a few hundred visitors to the most popular English-language socialist publication in the world, with a beautiful print magazine that gets better with every issue.

But before we understood publishing, Jacobin had politics. We shared a desire to win a tiny, fragmented left back to fundamentals: a class-based analysis of the world; an acknowledgment that the Left’s task was to rebuild working-class organizations capable of capturing and transforming state power. But we also have a vision of a world after capitalism, one built from the wealth and abundance around us.

And while these ideas have grown less marginal over the years, there is still a lot of work to be done.

That’s why our goals remain the same, thirteen years on: to be a proud ambassador for socialist ideas, and to foster class consciousness and build the institutions that can tame and eventually overcome capital.

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Celebrate thirteen years of Jacobin with a $13 subscription and free worldwide shipping.

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