Anger on the protest outside Downing Street in January (Picture: Guy Smallman)

It’s outrageous that Westminster Tories blocked the Scottish government’s law—passed overwhelmingly by the Scottish parliament—to reform gender recognition regulations.

The Scottish government is seeking to overturn that decision with a legal challenge at the Court of Session.

The legislation, although limited, would make it easier for people to self-identify and change their legally-recognised gender. It also cuts the age at which people can apply to 16. Such changes are basic matters of equality, and Socialist Worker supports them. We also oppose the Tories’ democratic assault on the Scottish government’s decision-making.

Attacks on trans rights are a favoured method of the Tory government to divide people.

They are a crude and cruel attempt to say, “Don’t blame us or the corporations for your problems. Blame those who stand up against oppression, blame the refugees coming across the Channel, blame strikers, blame Muslims”.

Their rhetoric and policies fuel the far right and violent attacks.

We need to unite against such scapegoating and fight our real enemies. But we can’t rely on the Scottish courts or the British Supreme Court to deliver any measure of justice.

Reforms and liberation for trans people require a movement on the streets and inside the working class. This can beat the Tory attacks, and go much further than legal reforms.   

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