Police officers are taking unofficial action to defend their right to kill

In a remarkable fit of hypocrisy the government has come out in support of unofficial strikes. Firearms officers have been handing in their weapons in protest against the case of a colleague who faces potential life imprisonment for shooting dead Chris Kaba.

Both prime minister Rishi Sunak and home secretary Suella Braverman expressed support for cops who are refusing to carry their guns because one of their number has been charged with murder.

Emergency anti-terror provisions have been used to enable the army to wander about with guns since the cops no longer feel safe enough to gun down unarmed black people.

It came after Braverman announced a review into how armed police can avoid being tried in court for doing their duties. In a series of tweets, she wrote that the cops “mustn’t fear ending up in the dock for carrying out their duties. 

“That’s why I have launched a review to ensure they have the confidence to do their jobs while protecting us all.”

This included a link to a news story with a picture of a demonstration over the cop killing of Chris Kaba in case there was any doubt about her attempt to affect the trial.

Met commissioner Mark Rowley has gone from demanding more power to sack his officers for being sexists and racists to understanding their “concerns”. 

The cops’ actions reveal what their “concerns” are. They fear losing their ability to kill people without consequence. But it’s also revealing that, when the cops push back against the stream of scandals that have dogged the Met in recent times, the establishment immediately rallies around them. 

The Met has more than 3,000 firearms officers across a number of units. 

Over 100 cops were refusing on Monday to carry their guns, —and the streets were a little safer as a result.

Anti-racists confront the bigots

Anti-fascists confronted the far right and fascists across Britain last weekend.  In Pembroke, West Wales, last Saturday, Adolf Hitler lookalike Alex Yerbury turned up in military fatigues with ten fascists.

“His plan was to start a ‘charity walk’ to Tenby to raise money for a probably fictitious 98-year-old homeless veteran,” Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) activist Patrick reported.

“They were visibly drunk so I doubt that they made the ten mile walk. 

“SUTR managed to mobilise eight anti-fascists at very short notice to tell the Nazis they were not welcome in our town and sent them packing.”

Meanwhile in Chichester, SUTR activists have called a demo this Saturday to stand with refugees outside the Chichester Park Hotel. It’s due to take place from 10am on Madgwick Lane, Westhampnett Road, PO19 7QL.

The Home Office is set to take over the hotel to put refugees in. It comes after a far right mob gathered last Sunday outside the hotel. 

Simon from the local SUTR group reports, “At very short notice there were 20 of us and 60 from the far right.” 

The far right plans to hold another protest on Saturday, “Protect our city, protect our children.”  

On the same day, Skegness SUTR activists plan to confront racists outside the Chatsworth Hotel.  Anti-fascists in Honor Oak, south London, are also standing off against far right group Turning Point UK again to defend drag queen storytelling at the local pub.

Sign up for SUTR’s national conference on 21 October at bit.ly/SUTRConf23


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