Palestinians need a wave of solidarity with their national liberation struggle (Picture: Guy Smallman)

All of us are proud. Today was a rewriting of history—our history. I can hear the bombing now. In Tel Aviv, Gaza and everywhere is all under fire. We are watching what we thought would never, in our lifetime, happen. 

There was information provided to the Palestinian resistance that Israel was set to do something following their holy day today. 

But I think that for the first time in history—well at least since after 1973—our fighters have taken the initiative. It proved and showed how weak Israel’s apartheid regime is. 

What Israel has built for more than 30 years, with the border walls and fences and cameras in the skies, fell apart. And a few fighters were able to invade. 

It all collapsed within six or seven minutes. The fighters managed to spread out across Gaza and occupy Israeli settlements and different military camps. 

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians ran through the fences, which were destroyed by the resistance. I feel that for the first time, every Palestinian worldwide will feel proud about what we achieved. 

Gaza is now under fire. Israel destroyed a huge tower. We don’t know how many people were killed, but the tower must have housed hundreds of families. 

I hope this is a good lesson for Israeli society to think of others, not just themselves. The two million people that are living in the Gaza Strip have been under complete siege since 2006. What do the Israelis or the world expect from them? 

I saw how the Israeli military machine was confused and afraid about what’s coming. They were furious about losing control. 

I believe that what came before 7 October 2023 is history—and what’s coming after will ensure that things are never the same again. 

Emergency Demos: Stand with Palestine, Monday 9 Oct, 6pm, outside the Israeli embassy in west London, W8 4QB. Retweet the message here AND Monday 9 October, 5pm. Buchanan Street Steps, Glasgow. Retweet the message here


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