rs21 calls on all of our supporters to come out to a demonstration this weekend and demand an end to the siege of Gaza. You can download our leaflet here.

Israel is unleashing genocide on the people of Gaza. Acting in solidarity with Palestine is more important than ever before.

Israeli soldiers have murdered more than 1,500 Palestinians. They’re dropping bombs on cities and homes, and have cut off water, food and power supplies to all of Gaza. They’ve displaced more than half a million people and ordered another million to leave.

But they have nowhere to go. Gaza is an open-air prison, and horrible footage shows that Israel is bombing the one border crossing into Egypt.

The responsibility for all civilian deaths, Palestinian and Israeli, lies with the Israeli state. It lies with its brutal system of occupation and apartheid. And it lies with the Western backers who’ve armed Israel to the teeth.

The Tories and Labour have both declared full support for Israel’s ongoing war crimes. Our government has sent soldiers, ships and aircraft to support Israel’s onslaught. At the same time, they’re cracking down on even expressing support for Palestine. In Manchester, the police have already arrested an activist for wearing a Palestine flag, and they’re threatening to arrest more.

Media across the UK and the world are running a venomous campaign against people expressing solidarity with Palestine. The government is making plans to deport migrant workers and students who dare to speak up.

Socialists, anti-imperialists and anti-racists in the UK must stand against these moves. Our ruling class is trying to turn public opinion against the Palestinian people. We have to fight back, and insist on the right of Palestinians to resist a brutal occupation. The violence of the oppressor cannot be equated with the violence of the oppressed.

Join the March for Palestine – End the Violence – End Apartheid on Saturday 14 October, 12 noon. Assembling at BBC, Portland Place, W1A. Organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Further details available here. Other protests are happening across the country over the weekend.



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