On the Na’amod rally in parliament square

Around 400 Jewish people gathered in Parliament Square on Thursday evening to loudly condemn the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

I have never seen so many Jewish people demonstrating in solidarity with Palestinians.

There were a number of moving speeches which gave first-hand accounts of what is happening in Gaza. People held placards that read, “Not in my name,” and, “Jews against genocide.”

This was an important event. The Tories and the Labour Party are falling over themselves to pledge unending support for Israel’s horrific crimes, using the fig leaf that they are defending Jews.

Kier Starmer has built his leadership on the conflation of anti-Zionism with antisemitism, and has crushed the Labour left in the process.

The demonstration was organised by Na’amod, which means, “We will stand” in Hebrew. Their website says, “We are a movement of Jews in the UK seeking to end our community’s support for Israel’s occupation and apartheid, and to mobilise it in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis.”

Tamara Sternberg came to the event with Na’amod. She said, “We are outraged by our Judaism being weaponised for anti-Palestinian racism”.

Diana Neslen said, “You cannot be a colonial occupier and say you are defending yourself against an occupied people you have laid siege to for 17 years. Jews recognise the reality of genocide and do not want to see it again. I think there are many, many Jews who are horrified by what is happening in our name.”

The Zionist consensus is breaking down. There will be a Jewish Bloc on the demonstration this Saturday.

Demonstrate Saturday, 12 noon Marble Arch London, 2pm in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh. Details here

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