Protesters took the concourse of London Liverpool Street station (Picture: Guy smallman)

Hundreds of people brought Liverpool Street station in London to a standstill on Tuesday night in solidarity with Palestine. The action, led by Sisters Uncut, saw protesters sitting down on the floor of the train station. 

It took place as Israeli airstrikes murdered at least 400 people at Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, and Israeli forces pushed on with their ground assault inside the territory. 

Crowds chanted, “Stop bombing Gaza,” and, “Free, free Palestine and waved Palestinian flags.”  Sisters Uncut said that commuters on their way home from work joined the sit-down—and videos posted on social media show passers-by applauding the action. 

Bethan, who joined the protest on her way home, told Socialist Worker, “It was a huge protest. We held the concourse for over an hour. I arrived at about 6 pm, and we left at about 7 pm. It was really young and angry. 

“Protesters were asking passers-by to join, and I think a lot of people did. You could see that the organisers had taken inspiration from the sit-ins that have been organised by mostly Jewish activists in the US. 

“There were banners from lots of different anti-Zionist Jewish groups. I was surprised by how little pushback we got from anyone who was passing by inside the station. People seemed supportive. 

“From the people I spoke to tonight, it seems like people are keen to do this kind of action. Most had heard about it through social media and had come by themselves.” 

The action at Liverpool Street comes after a sit-in at Waterloo on the same day as the 500,000-strong demonstration last Saturday. 

Everyone should applaud people taking mass and militant action for Palestine. We need more sit-ins, walkouts, direct action and demonstrations that are mass and militant as Israel ramps up its assault on Palestinians—and our rulers back it.


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