Ambulance drivers on strike in Camden in December of last year (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Not content with trying to repress protests this week, the Tories have announced they will push through more anti-strike laws by Christmas.

The latest round of attacks would hit rail workers and force them to scab on their own strikes by providing 40 percent of services during industrial action.

The Tories claim this is to “keep priority routes open”. In reality it’s to smash the power of strikes and weaken trade union activities.

“Minimum service levels” will also be brought in for ambulance workers in England. The Tories’ authoritarian attacks will build on their repression of Just Stop Oil and other environmental protesters.

If the Tories really cared about “minimum service” they’d properly fund the NHS and give its workers a pay rise, and solve an understaffing crisis.

The new laws threaten workers with the sack if they refuse to scab, and unions have been told they could face up to £1 million pounds in damages.

It is a reaction to the RMT and Aslef unions, which have been striking on and off for18 months, and ambulance strikes called by GMB, Unite and Unison unions.

The best Christmas present rail and other workers can give the Tories if they rush through their repression is militant, escalated and determined strikes that defy anti-union legislation.

Every union needs to back this kind of action, whether legal or not.  

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