Partners in crime—Sunak and Netanyahu (Picture: Number 10 on Flickr)

Capitalism is a death machine, and our resistance to it is ever more urgent. The slaughter carried out by Israel in Gaza, and the support from the US and Britain, shows the true face of imperialism.

There is no level of crimes that will make Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak draw back from backing Israel as their watchdog in the Middle East.

But it’s not just in Palestine that capitalism sacrifices lives for profit. Reckless capitalist production and expansion are putting the whole of human life and the world’s ecosystems in danger.

The Earth’s temperature last week briefly rose above a crucial threshold that scientists have been warning for decades could have catastrophic and irreversible impacts on the planet.

For the first time, the global average temperature was more than 2 degrees Celsius hotter than levels before industrialisation.

That’s according to preliminary data from  Samantha Burgess, deputy director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

And a United Nations report published on Monday showed that even if countries carried out their current emissions-reduction pledges, the world would reach between 2.5 and 2.9 degrees Celsius of warming sometime this century. All the promises about green policies come to nothing when profits come first.

Capitalism doesn’t care about ordinary people’s lives. If you want a window into the Tories’ minds, look at the most recent revelations from the Covid inquiry.

It examined the diary of Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser during the pandemic.

He recorded a meeting in October 2020 with Boris Johnson. The then prime minister was arguing “for letting it all rip, saying yes there will be more casualties but so be it—‘they have had a good innings’”.

And even more damning for the present government, he noted top adviser Dominic Cummings saying, “Rishi Sunak thinks just let people die and that’s okay.”

That could be a motto for the way the system works. “Let people die and that’s okay” whether it’s in Palestine or eventually the whole world rather than dismantle capitalism.

But there is a force that can stop the horrors. We glimpse it in the heroic Palestinian resistance and the millions who have come on to the streets globally.

Our fightback, particularly when it links to the power of organised workers,  can push back and eventually overthrow even the most powerful of our enemies.

But we also need to organise more effectively. Bosses and generals triumph because they are united and ruthless.

We need an instrument to break their rule. That means building a revolutionary socialist party to take on all the aspects of the system and capitalism itself.

Strike, march, occupy—and join the Socialist Workers Party.

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