Sultan al-Jaber – president of Cop28 and head of the UAE’s state oil company Adnoc (Picture: World Government Summit)

What do you do if you’re hosting a key climate conference that says it’s about saving the world from the destruction caused by fossil fuels?

If you’re the United Arab Emirates you use your position as the venue for Cop28 to make £175 billion of deals for your oil industry.

The Cop process has always peddled false hopes of change, and protected the fossil fuel corporations. Now that logic has
embarrassingly gone further.

Journalists from the Centre for Climate Reporting obtained documents that included plans for UAE representatives to meet with 27 foreign governments before the conference.

The UAE is the world’s eighth largest producer of oil, which alongside other fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to global

Its oil company, Adnoc, has set aside over £120 billion for expansion in the next five years.

It underlines the Cop process wasn’t set up to save the planet. Instead it has always been where world leaders go to discuss how to maintain fossil fuel capitalism.

And the UAE was one of the first countries in the Middle East to “normalise” relations with Israel and to form a close relationship with the apartheid state in the last three years.

For the UAE and other countries that are locked into a system of imperialist competition, profits come before saving the
planet or opposing war and ethnic cleansing.

And for all the UAE’s corruption, the biggest criminals in that system are the US, Britain and the other Western countries.

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