Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky

Only a fool or a knave can now deny that the United States and its allies are waging a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. Let’s take two recent examples.

The Washington Post reported last month that, “Since 2015, the CIA has spent tens of millions of dollars to transform Ukraine’s Soviet-formed (intelligence) services into potent allies against Moscow.”
It even created a special Fifth Directorate of the Domestic Security Service (SBU) for liaison purposes. There’s also a Sixth Directorate that works with the British Secret Intelligence Service.
Since the Russian invasion in February 2022, both the SBU and Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) have been carrying out aggressive assassination and sabotage operations. This includes, according to a more recent report in The Washington Post, the bombing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline last year.
The Washington Post quotes “a former senior CIA official” who said, “We are seeing the birth of a set of intelligence services that are like Mossad in the 1970s” when the Israeli foreign intelligence service carried out a worldwide campaign of assassinations.
A state whose security and intelligence apparatus is so heavily penetrated by foreign powers can’t be described as fully sovereign.
The same is true of one whose diplomacy is dictated by these same powers. In a truly sensational interview, David Arakhamia, parliamentary leader of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s Servant of the People party, has confirmed what had been widely reported earlier.
In negotiations in Istanbul soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moscow and Kiev came close to reaching a peace agreement.
Vladimir Putin’s main demand was that Ukraine stay neutral and not join Nato. But while the Zelensky government was hesitating over the deal at the end of March 2022, Boris Johnson flew into Kiev and said, according to Arakhamia, “We will not sign anything with them and let’s just make war!”
It’s hard to think of anything more evil than prolonging a war that threatens the nuclear apocalypse and that continues to take tens of thousands of lives.
The rationale for this policy was stated succinctly recently by one of its defenders, the neoconservative Max Boot, “The United States has a strategic imperative at stake: The Ukrainians are inflicting massive losses on the Russian armed forces that will make Russia less of a threat to its Nato neighbours for years to come.”
Nevertheless, it’s clear that Joe Biden’s administration is growing weary of its war in Ukraine. There are three main reasons.
First, the Ukrainian army counter-offensive has only made limited gains. Ukraine lacks the airpower and troop numbers to break decisively through the well-entrenched Russian forces holding a fifth of its territory.
Zelensky reprimanded his chief of staff, General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, for recently admitting that the war had reached a “stalemate”. Many military experts think that in fact, the balance is shifting in Russia’s favour.
Second, political support for continuing to flood Ukraine with military and financial aid is waning in both the US and Europe. The Republican right who now controls the US House of Representatives, generally opposes more aid, as does the European far right.
Brussels has got itself into a bigger than usual financial pickle, which Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is exploiting to block more aid and EU membership for Kyiv.
Third, another dangerous and bloody war has erupted in the Middle East, distracting Ukraine’s two most important backers, the US and Germany.
Both are also strongly supporting Israel’s barbarous offensive against Gaza.
It is rumoured that Washington and Berlin now want to push Kiev into talks with Moscow. The German tabloid Bild reports that “both countries— as Ukraine’s largest arms suppliers—have decided to force the government in Kiev into talks with Putin’s regime by restricting the quality and quantity of their arms deliveries.”
“Zelensky should come to the realisation that things cannot go on like this”, a German government insider told Bild. “He should address his nation of his own free will and explain that negotiations need to be carried out.”
If these reports are true, Zelensky may soon discover how easily a proxy can be tossed aside when their sponsor decides supporting them is no longer worth the cost.
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