Up to 300,000 joined the march for Palestine last week (Picture: Guy Smallman)

The Israeli state resumed its massacre of the Palestinians on Friday after a seven-day pause in bombing. Israeli bombs flattened buildings in the Jabalia refugee camp and in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip

Israeli forces had killed over 100 people by Friday afternoon. Ibitsam lives in Deir al Bala in central Gaza. In the hours before the pause ended, she told Socialist Worker she was terrified about what fresh horror the Israeli state would rain down on the Palestinians. 

“Everybody is worried that the coming round will be tougher and fiercer,” she said. “All people are tired and stressed out and not ready for more. Basic necessities are very low—especially salt, flour and cooking gas. Despite the ceasefire, when aid could enter, the amount was insufficient.”

Hamas pushed for Israel to allow food and fuel into Gaza as one of the terms of the pause in fighting.  Israel did not keep its side of the deal. And now that it’s resumed bombing, trucks filled with aid have been unable to cross into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. 

On Friday Israel dropped leaflets warning Palestinians in southern Gaza to evacuate their homes near the town of Khan Younis as it was about to become a “battle zone.” The Israeli state had originally told Palestinians that Khan Younis was a “safe” place to go to. Israel bombed it on Friday.

The leaflet told them to shelter in the Rafah area, which is close to the border with Egypt. Hamas said that the Israeli state refused to make deals because it wants to continue to massacre as many Palestinians in Gaza as possible. 

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan said, “Every day in the past seven days of the temporary ceasefire, Israel was acting in a way to undermine the whole process. Yesterday night we were talking about extending the temporary ceasefire.

“We were very clear about some options which were suggested by the mediators—we accepted three suggestions, but all those were rejected by the Israelis. We were and we still are positive about all the efforts, but the Israelis are refusing them.”  

He added, “The Israeli occupation did not view the temporary truce as an opportunity for a permanent ceasefire, but rather viewed it as an opportunity to reposition itself to kill the largest number of civilians.”

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed Israel’s murderous plans. He tweeted, “Our forces are charging forward. We continue to fight with all our strength until we achieve all our goals—the return of all our abductees, the elimination of Hamas, and the promise that Gaza will never be a threat to Israel again.”

Rishi Sunak expressed “disappointment” that Israel’s assault on those in Gaza had continued but, of course, wouldn’t condemn the actions of the Israeli state. 

Everyone should get onto the streets this weekend and build walkouts and protests to rage against Israel—and Western backers.

Join a local protest for Palestine https://palestinecampaign.org/events/day-of-action-for-palestine/

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