Protesting against the Rwanda deportation plans outside the Home Office last June (Picture: Guy Smallman)

The Tories’ new attacks on migrants, revealed on Monday, are about racism and trying to win the next election through racism.

Home secretary James Cleverly said the scheme will cut migration by 300,000. It will be done by raising the salary threshold for a visa and stopping care home workers from bringing in dependants.

Sections of bosses are outraged. They think the government hasn’t a clue about how the economy works, and the flows of labour companies need. But this isn’t some careful piece of planning. It’s a further attempt to blame migrants for the problems in society and to say that only the Tories will be brutal enough to act against them.

That’s why Cleverly jetted off to Rwanda the day after his announcement of new regulations to see if he could bribe the Rwandan government into looking more liberal.  Then Britain can deport refugees to Africa.

The Tories are in such trouble that several analysts are saying they face not just a wipeout like John Major in 1997, but one similar to the Canadian conservatives in 1993. They went from being the government party to winning just two seats.

The Tories’ answer is to ramp up racism.

And Labour? In all of shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper’s 870-word speech there was no condemnation of the plans. Instead the theme was that the Tories had only gone halfway down the road that Labour wanted.

Anti-racists should beware, both of the Tory strategy and of Labour’s failures.

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