An LGBT+ love story

Lost Boys tells the story of two teenage boys stuck in a juvenile detention centre who fall in love.

Joe (Khalil Gharbia), recounts a memory from his childhood. He walks on a frozen lake. He sees fish frozen beneath the ice, and believes that they were hibernating and would return to life when the ice thaws.

Prisoners experience a downward spiral in a systemic impasse of false hope. The prison system is one of cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity.

Joe is drawn to William (Julien de Saint Jean), and they begin to be caught in the catastrophe of love. The gentleness of how they treat each other is in contrast with the harshness of the detention centre.

Joe and William struggle to hide their love. They are marginalised in an already marginalised group. To leave the centre, the only route out for Joe is through the impossibly narrow and bureaucratic processes of the parole board. Here, he is lectured about how “freedom” means following the rules.

Joe is expected to be released but has become trapped between his desire to stay with William and his desire to leave. There are fleeting moments of solidarity among the prisoners. Lost Boys is a captivating story of love in the harshest of environments.

Lost Boys in out in cinemas on 15 December

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