Big protests and more action is the way to win (Picture: Guy Smallan)

The protests for Palestine have such power that even Binyamin Netanyahu has warned, “There are huge demonstrations in Western capitals”.

He’s concerned that mass strikes, protests and workplaces in the United States and Europe overseas could threaten the US arms shipments. “There have been disagreements with the best of our friends,” he added in his remarks in December. 

It shows that protests have an impact and the need for them to continue to grow and spread. 

His concern is about what Israel needs most to destroy the Palestinian resistance, and Gazan society is a steady supply of more US bombs.

“We need three things from the US—munitions, munitions, and munitions,” the Israeli prime minister told a group of local government officials, according to a recording obtained by the Israel Hayom newspaper.

Building bigger protests can continue to make Netanyahu fearful that Israel’s imperialist backers and financiers could give in to public pressure.  Those who will throng to the streets on Saturday in London are not mere spectators, but part of a process that can make a difference. 

Massive protests can become a social force that can make it impossible for those in power to continue as they were. 

This means that every protest and workplace action matters.  On Monday, Joe Biden’s speech at Mother Emanuel church in Charleston, South Carolina was interrupted by pro-Palestine activists, who called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Biden said, “I have been quietly working with the Israeli government to get them to reduce and significantly get out of Gaza and using all that I can to do that.” That’s a cover for his support for genocide and shows that he is worried about losing support from voters. 

Mass protests across the country forced Anthony Albanese, the Australian prime minister, to shift his government’s position and support a ceasefire at the UN on 13 December.

In Britain we’ve also already seen how the vast protests for Palestine are having a clear impact. 

They forced out former Tory home secretary Suella Braverman, who tried to clamp down on and criminalise protesters. 

In this context, where the power of mass protest is so apparent, we need to build the demonstrations even bigger, getting everyone on the streets for Palestine. 

Building big actions on campuses and in workplaces on 7 February is crucial. The next day of action is of massive importance and can help deepen the movement. The actions of students and workers linking together can continue to pressure Sunak and worry Netanyahu.

Now is the time to step in to put unignorable pressure on those in power and end the Israeli state’s genocide and occupation of the Palestinian people.

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