London became a centre for protests against Israel last year. The capital will see a huge demonstration on the global day of Palestine protests (Picture: Guy Smallman)

When huge numbers march for Palestine in London and other cities on Saturday, they will be part of a worldwide movement of millions.

Pro-Palestine campaigns plan demonstrations in at least 67 cities in 36 countries and 67 cities on a global day of action against Israel’s savagery in Gaza. People will march in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Jordan, Turkey, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark—and Britain.

The London march will be the seventh national demonstration since October, which together with five Days of Action, constitutes one of the largest, sustained political campaigns in British history.

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, said, “From Australia to South America, from Dacca to Washington, people of conscience will show the world demands a full ceasefire and an end to Israel’s impunity from international law.

“A permanent ceasefire must be the starting point to address the underlying causes, including Israeli military occupation and a system of oppression against the Palestinian people that is considered internationally to meet the legal definition of apartheid. 

“Until our governments, including Britain’s, act to uphold international law, we will continue to take to the streets, in our thousands and in our millions.”

Meanwhile, Labour leader Keir Starmer this week said he was regularly in contact with US government figures over Gaza, and has been influenced by the US position. At a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Monday, Starmer told MPs he is in regular contact with Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser. 

The party’s current stance of seeking a “humanitarian truce”—not a permanent ceasefire—has been specifically devised to mirror the US position following discussions with US figures. PoliticsHome website said the stance was “a way of conveying the impression it is a government-in-waiting”.

Labour is demonstrating to ruling classes in Britain and the US that it will faithfully follow imperialist plans and support for Israel.

There is no death toll, no deliberate use of starvation by Israel, no flattening of a whole society that will make Starmer turn away from backing Israel as a Western outpost in a key region.

There’s no let-up in the Israeli assaults. On Thursday the official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that Israeli bombs killed six Palestinians east of Khan Yunis. And aerial bombing killed journalist Mohammad al-Thalathiini in Gaza City.

The fact Israel is still bombing Gaza City from the air demonstrates its failure to eliminate resistance even in the north of Gaza.

Israeli forces also shelled Al-Nuseirat, Al-Bureij, and Al-Maghazi camps and the Al-Mughraqa area in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Saturday’s marches are crucial and everyone should build for them and be on them. They have to be a springboard for further and more militant action.

Demonstrate Saturday 13 January

London, assemble 12 noon, Bank Junction

Cardiff, assemble 12.30pm, Aneurin Bevan statue, Queen Street for march to the BBC

Glasgow, 10:30am, Barclays protest. 83 Argyle St, G5 8DP followed by demonstration 1pm outside City Chambers

Wednesday 17 January

Why Palestine is a trade union issue. Stop the War Coalition trade union network meeting, online, 6.30pm. 

Wednesday 7 February

National day of workplace and student action for Palestine 

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