Boy looks over at the destruction of Gaza

Israeli forces began the start of this week by attempting to murder as many Palestinians in central Gaza as possible and reduce the territory to rubble. Upwards of 24,100 people had been massacred by Israeli assaults since 7 October. 

Ibitsam, who lives in Deir el-Balah in central Gaza but has recently fled to Rafah, told Socialist Worker, “No words could describe how we feel; it’s not sadness, anger or frustration. I feel lost and devastated.” 

The Israeli forces are trying to make life unlivable for the Palestinians. On Sunday of last week Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinians trying to collect food from aid vans.

Those already been displaced from their homes by Israeli bombs and living in tents remain the targets of the Israeli state. In Khan Younis, three members of a family, that had been forced to live in a tent, where killed by an Israeli airstrike on Monday. 

The rest of the family were severely injured. Palestinians now worry they will either never be allowed to return to their homes, or that they will be unable to sustain themselves due to the destruction of infrastructure

Shahinaz Bakr is now living in a tent in southern Gaza. She said, “All of our homes, markets, universities, organisations are destroyed. Everything we have is here. If we go back to Gaza City, we will put up a tent. Is it our destiny to be displaced? Displaced in 1948 and now again in 2024.” 

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said last Saturday that nothing—including the genocide case at the International Criminal Court—will stop the Israeli war machine. “No one will stop us, not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anyone else,” he said, referring to Iran and its allies.

Police threaten poet

The Metropolitan Police says it is speaking to Palestinian poet and activist Mohammed El-Kurd after he made a speech at the national demonstration for Palestine on Saturday. The right has seized upon a moment where El-Kurd misspoke on the normalisation of massacres. 

In a Twitter post, he cleared up his statements by saying that, “It is clear from the context of my speech on 13 January 2024 that I denounce massacres, murder, and genocide and that the closing of my speech was to state ‘we should not normalise massacres’. I was also clearly referring to the massacres perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.” 

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