Hamas has gained support by resisting Israel from Gaza (Picture: Guy Smallman)

The Palestinian resistance is still able to humiliate and shake the Israeli military. 
Palestinian forces killed 21 Israeli soldiers who invaded the Al Maghazi refugee camp on Monday and three others elsewhere in Gaza.
Fighters fired two RPG missiles at an Israeli tank, blowing it up. This then triggered a series of explosions inside two buildings, killing Israeli soldiers that were inside or nearby. 
Israeli forces had mined the building as part of their aim of demolishing homes, schools, medical facilities, bakeries and other key structures across Gaza. 
Whatever the details of any particular operation, these deaths underline that Israel has not crushed Hamas over 100 days since the assault began. Instead, Hamas has deepened its roots among many Palestinians.
That organic support boosts its resistance. Palestinian resistance has defied one of the most technically advanced armies in the world that is armed to the teeth by Western imperialism.
And, as always during imperialist assaults, the resistance by the oppressed causes splits in the oppressor state.
Family members of Israelis detained in Gaza stormed a parliamentary meeting in Jerusalem on Monday evening to demand the government does more to push for a prisoner exchange. 
Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu’s confident pledge that he would “eliminate” Hamas lies in tatters.
But the resistance, and the global support for the Palestinians has not just exposed his empty words. They have nourished a much wider movement against Zionism and imperialism.
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