US troops on a base in Jordan in 2019 (Picture: Chief National Guard Bureau)

The United States ­government was poised to widen war in the Middle East even further this week after three of its soldiers were killed in Jordan.

The attack last Sunday 28 January also injured dozens of other soldiers at a US base near the border with Syria. A large drone struck the logistics support base, known as Tower 22, in Jordan. 

One good question is why is there a base with 350 US army and air force troops for a drone to strike in Jordan at all?  That’s because it’s part of an imperialist intervention trying to dominate the region.

Since mid-October, US bases in Iraq and Syria have come under attack over 150 times in response to US support for the Israeli slaughter in Gaza. The drone attack in Jordan appears to be the first time Tower 22 was targeted.

The New York Times newspaper reported that US president Joe Biden thought it was just a matter of time before an American soldier was killed in one of the attacks on US bases. 

The report said that if an American was killed, the US could attack Iran directly, which could escalate the ­situation into a major war. Biden and British foreign secretary David Cameron both blamed Iran-backed groups for the attack.

After the Tower 22 attack, Republican senator Lindsey Graham called on the US to strike “targets of significance inside Iran”.

But the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said on Monday, “Resistance groups in the region are ­responding to the war crimes and genocide of the child-killing Zionist regime and they do not take orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Biden threatened US airstrikes on Iran, Iraq and Syria in response to the drone attack as the US commits to widening the war.

The Economist magazine said recently, “If you drew a diagram of who is shooting at whom in the Middle East, it would look increasingly like a bowl of spaghetti.

“What began in October as a war between Israel and Hamas has now drawn in ­militants from four other Arab states.

“In addition, Iran, Israel, and Jordan all bombed Syria this month. Iran also unexpectedly bombed Pakistan, which must have wondered how it got dragged into this mess.”

It headlined the article, “The Ever-Expanding Middle East War”.

In the past two weeks, the US has launched air strikes on Syria, Iraq and Yemen. 

Two US Navy special forces operatives were killed earlier this month during a raid on a ship bound for Yemen.

And it’s not just the US stepping up threats. On Friday of last week Houthi fighters operating from Yemen attacked the ship Marlin Luanda. The oil tanker is operated by British company Oceonix Services Ltd.

The tanker, off the coast Aden, was left on fire but no one was injured. The British government says it “reserves the right to respond ­appropriately” to the attacks. 

More Western bombs and missiles threaten a widening conflagration that will hit the lives of millions.

Power to beat Trump is on streets and in strikes—not with the Democrats

Racist bigot Donald Trump is set to become the Republican candidate for the presidential election later this year after he won the party’s primary in the state of New Hampshire last week.

Similarly, the Democrats will likely select Joe Biden as their candidate soon. It’s a rotten choice.

Trump, who emboldens the far right, is a vile threat. But Biden offers no real alternative—as many people realise.

According to polls, more than half of all Americans say they will never vote for Trump. But Biden’s popularity has plunged to only 40 percent, with 57 percent disapproving of his actions as president.

Biden’s popularity among Arab Americans is falling sharply.

A poll showed Arab American support for Biden plummeted to 17 percent after the attacks on Gaza began in October, and it is thought to have fallen even further since then.

Protesters waving Palestinian flags and denouncing the president as “Genocide Joe” have followed Biden throughout his recent campaign appearances. 

Protesters mobilised across New York last Saturday during a national day of action. This was despite cops arresting at least five organisers at the start of the main march.

Protester Jamil Madbak said, “Our aim today was to clog the arteries of New York City to draw attention to the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people and the people of Gaza,” 

Thousands also took to the streets in Chicago and protested in Houston.

The political system in the US provides ordinary people with a bleak choice between two bad candidates who offer them nothing. 

Instead hope is to be found in the massive protests for Palestine, the Black Lives Matter revolt, the environmental movement and the recent revival of strikes.

Half a million US workers walked out last year, including machinists, teachers, baristas, nurses, screenwriters and actors, and hotel housekeepers.

This was double the strike numbers for 2022, which in turn nearly doubled the 2021 number,

That has to lead to a political break from both the Republicans and the Democrats.

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