Antiracists protesting outside the home office last year (Picture: Guy Smallman)

The racist Rwanda bill cleared its first hurdle in the House of Lords this week without real opposition from peers or the Labour Party.
The bill means the authorities can send desperate refugees arriving in Britain to central Africa without even a consideration of an asylum claim.
Lords made their criticisms of the bill—and then threw out an amendment to halt it.
Kenneth Clarke—a Tory lord—blasted the bill for declaring Rwanda a “safe country” regardless of the reality of its repressive regime.
The bill is like saying, “the colour black is the same as the colour white, or dogs are cats”, he said. 
But Clarke then voted against halting it. And the Labour Party disgracefully abstained, underlining its failure to take on the Tories.
Just eight Labour members of the House of Lords voted to scupper the bill.
The courts and the political establishment won’t defend refugee rights or confront the state racism that drives the Rwanda bill.
We need working class action and mass mobilisations. 
Come to the Stand Up To Racism trade union conference on 11 February and build the anti-racist demonstrations set for 16 and 17 March. 

Stand Up To Racism trade union conference, Sunday 11 February. Go to
Stand Up to Racism demonstrations, Saturday 16 March (London, Glasgow) and Sunday 17 March (Cardiff). Go to

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