Palestine campaigners take on Labour in Croydon

Pro-Palestine activists have been disrupting Labour Party events in Croydon, south London, with great success—showing that protesting works.

David Lammy, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, cancelled his trip to the West Croydon Labour Party launch on Tuesday after Palestine campaigners announced a protest at it.

Croydon4Palestine, Croydon Black Lives Matter and other local groups planned to picket outside. But the thought of facing pro-Palestine protesters scared Lammy off.

The event was intended to be a grand launch of the new Croydon West constituency party at Ruskin House. But it was reduced to an online event where only 16 people attended—a humiliation. 

This comes after Croydon4Palestine campaigners picketed a book signing with Alastair Campbell—Blair’s spin doctor and warmonger—on Thursday of last week. Sarah Jones—Labour MP for Croydon Central—organised the event for Campbell to flog more of his latest book.

Around 50 activists drowned out Campbell and the other Labour cronies with three hours of unrelenting chanting. They swiftly discovered that Campbell’s microphone wasn’t working and he was struggling to be heard. The protesters forced him to scurry to the upstairs floor of the venue in response.

When Croydon4Palestine discovered  the Labour bigwigs were coming, campaigners were determined to organise, cooperate with other groups and build as big an opposition to them as possible.

The outcomes of both events have boosted the confidence of activists, who are more determined than ever to keep fighting for Palestine.

The two protests have been the latest in a series of actions such as picketing Barclays, McDonalds, Zara and Tesco, and holding marches.

Organisations such as Croydon4Palestine are holding the Labour Party to account for its appalling role in the genocide in Gaza. Starmer has shown that the Labour Party is no place for Palestine supporters and socialists. 

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