Millions of Palestinians rely on Unrwa especially when Israel attacks ( Picture: EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid on Flickr)

Our leaders have always told lies to try to justify their wars. For Israel, its lies don’t even need to be barely believable for its imperialist backers to say they accept them.

But one of its recent major lies is now falling apart.

The Zionist state only had to release a pack of allegations about the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (Unrwa) for the West to immediately withdraw crucial funding.

Israel produced a six page dodgy dossier about Unrwa workers being part of Hamas’ 7 October attack.

This was enough for the US, Britain, Germany and others to cut cash to an aid organisation that keeps starving people in Gaza alive. Now this terrible, deadly lie is collapsing.

A Channel 4 investigation this week found that Israel had provided “no evidence” that Unrwa had taken part in the 7 October Hamas attack on Israel.

Unrwa commissioner general Philippe Lazzarini told The Financial Times on Monday that Israel has still provided no proof that Unrwa staff took part in the 7 October attacks.

Even US secretary of state Anthony Blinken had to admit that the allegation against Unrwa workers wasn’t “fully borne out” and “we haven’t had the ability to investigate ourselves.”

Who needs facts when Binyamin Netanyahu is calling?

Previously, Israel accused six Palestinian human rights organisations of being terrorist groups, with the aim of getting Western donor countries to stop supporting them.

That failed when funders insisted on at least some proof and Israel could not provide it. But this time, at a moment of crisis and bloody assaults, there’s not even the mildest demand for facts.

This week marks 21 years since US secretary of state Colin Powell told the United Nations Security Council Iraq had a deadly arsenal meaning war must urgently begin.

He used the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” 17 times— every one a lie.

It was an attempt to justify the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis so that the West could strengthen its power and control in a key part of the world.

So now lies about Unrwa—and the West’s willingness to spread them—are part of the same bloody war games.

And they were produced deliberately to sideline the International Court of Justice’s decision that Israel could plausibly be found guilty of genocide in Gaza.

As the warmongers in the US and Britain ramp up their bombing across Syria, Yemen and Iraq, they will do everything to camouflage their real intentions.

We have to be ready to counteract their lies and organise on the streets to stop their endless march to wage imperialist wars.

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