UCU members picketing in Liverpool last year

A vote for Saira Weiner for general secretary of the UCU union would be a vote for a different kind of union leadership.

Saira’s manifesto makes clear that she is the most pro-Palestinian candidate and will ensure workers’ democracy is at the heart of the union. Many union members are backing Saira’s campaign.

Dror Dayan, a lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, said, “I endorse my colleague and comrade Saira Weiner for general secretary of the UCU.

“In our sector we are seeing the closing down of departments, precarity and the casualisation of colleagues. I believe these are all the symptoms of the neoliberal course of the British government.

“And they cannot be fought purely by negotiation and compromise. They need to be fought with unapologetic anti-capitalist struggle. I believe that the current union and the current industrial dispute is not going far enough to fulfil this task.

“We have invested a lot of energy and money, and we have won very little.

“I believe our general secretary is not up to the task of making our union the way it should be for the coming years ahead. I believe that Saira Weiner is.”

Maria Chondrogianni, UCU vice-president, added, “My vote for General Secretary will go to Saira Weiner.”

The election ballot is set to close on 1 March.

For more on Saira’s campaign go to saira4GS.wordpress.com

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