The Foreign Secretary, David Cameron meeting Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. (Picture: Rory Arnold)

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has made clear the Israeli state wants to carry out a massacre in Rafah, in southern Gaza, whatever the cost. 
He said last Sunday that any ­possible deal made with Hamas to swap Israeli detainees for Palestinian prisoners could ­postpone but not prevent an Israeli ground invasion of Rafah. 
“If we have a deal, it’ll be delayed somewhat,” said Netanyahu. “But it’ll happen. If we don’t have a deal we’ll do it anyway.” 
In an interview on CBC Face the Nation, he added, “Once we begin the Rafah operation, the intense phase of the fighting is weeks away from completion, not months, weeks away.
“We can’t leave the last Hamas stronghold without taking care of it.” 
Netanyahu’s aggressive stance comes as negotiations between an Israeli delegation and mediators from the United States, Qatar and Egypt in Paris, France were held over last weekend. 
Hamas representatives weren’t present but have been sent a draft of proposals.
The draft reportedly includes a ­proposal to stop fighting for up to six weeks to make way for an exchange of Palestinian prisoners and Israeli detainees. 
It also maps out a plan for a “redeployment” of Israeli troops across Gaza and the return of Palestinian women and children back to the north of Gaza.
This would be a step down for Hamas, who has called for the Israeli military to withdraw from Gaza completely. 
Negotiations then moved to Doha, Qatar, and were joined by Hamas representatives. They were planned to continue throughout this week. 
But Netanyahu said that whatever the contents of any ­agreements, the Israeli state would proceed with a ground invasion of Rafah because its ultimate goal is defeating Hamas.
Thousands of Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv last Saturday under the banner of “Choose the hostage” to demand early elections and for the government to accept a deal which brings Israeli ­detainees back. 
The riot cops fired water cannons at protesters who tried to block the roads and 21 Israelis were arrested. There was also a large protest in Jerusalem. 
These protests show the extent of the rage against Netanyahu and his government, as well as the Israeli state’s quickness to repress its citizens. 
But these protests are no challenge to the Zionist state that relies on racism and segregation for its existence. 
While those on the streets are raging against their government, only a tiny majority inside Israel go as far as to take on the apartheid regime itself. 
Israel has timetabled the massacre in Rafah to begin as early as 10 March, meaning the Palestinians are running out of time. 
Protesters must continue to rage against Zionist horror on the streets and make the next national ­demonstration in London on 9  March as militant as possible.
Israel’s plot will end West’s two-state myth
If it can’t exterminate or drive out the people of Gaza, Israel wants to hold them in a permanent concentration camp. 
Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has finally unveiled Israel’s plans for Gaza. He spurns even the vague hand-wringing from the United States. 
That is because he knows Joe Biden won’t halt the US money and arms shipments that fuel the Israeli genocide. 
The one-page document, released last Friday, says that the governance of Gaza would be handed to “local officials with administrative experience” but who’ve had no previous affiliation with Hamas or other armed groups. 
It was unclear what the document meant by this. It makes no mention of any role even for the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank-based administration that acts as Israel’s complicit cops.
This is who Biden wants to take over Gaza.
The scheme says, “Israel will have security control over the entire area west of Jordan,” which includes all of the West Bank and Israel, as well as Gaza. 
While the West Bank has been divided since the 1993 Oslo Accords into three zones, this plan seeks to impose the authority of the Israeli army on Area A, controlled until now by the Palestinian Authority. 
Israel wants to make the administration of Area B the model for the management of all Palestinian territories.
In Area B the Zionist state controls all security and executive affairs.
The plan wants “complete demilitarisation” of Gaza and to close off the territory’s southern border with Egypt.
The document rejects recognition of a Palestinian state. It also foresees a sizeable “security buffer” within Gaza, further reducing the size of the already vastly overcrowded territory. 
The idea, peddled by some in the West and most Arab regimes, that Israel would ever accept a two-state solution, including a viable Palestinian state, is even more of a fraud and a trap than ever.
Dividing Gaza’s future into near, medium and long-term phases, the plan says Israel will continue its 17-year siege and will control local policing and the teachings of schools and mosques.
Netanyahu has also proposed de-radicalisation programmes for those in Gaza.
He states that he would want these programmes to be established in every educational, welfare and religious institution in the area. 
The content of these programmes would be borrowed from repressive Arab regimes according to Netanyahu, although he did not establish which he would model them after. 
Implementing such a plan would involve utterly destroying resistance. 
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