Massive demonstration for Palestine marching through central London in December last year (Picture: Guy Smallman)

We can’t stop mobilising for Palestine. More than 150 days into Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza we need to escalate.
The tenth national demonstration in London for Palestine was set for this Saturday. The size and impact of those protests are an achievement in themselves.
Never has there been such a concentrated series of so many massive marches. And the movement is sending shockwaves throughout our political system.
It has defeated a home secretary, terrified Rishi Sunak and humiliated Keir Starmer.
The Tories are ramping up their Islamophobia and calling for police repression. That’s both a chilling call for more state crackdowns and a panicked sign of instability at the top.
We have scared our rulers, and so they become more repressive. They turn even more to racism and division. The ruling class is fighting to demonise and demoralise the Palestine solidarity movement.
It’s crucial for more people to be on the streets and to escalate our movement. When Tories froth about projecting “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” on to a building we should chant that slogan with even greater pride.
We must defy their attempts to intimidate us. When hundreds of thousands take over the streets for Palestine, it shows our collective power.
Socialist Worker urges all its readers to be part of the workplace day of action which was set to take place on Friday and to join Saturday’s demonstrations.
If, as it threatens, Israel launches a ground offensive on Rafah soon, then we have to push for more walkouts, occupations, road blockades and other disruptive actions.
The solidarity movement is not a ritual or a matter of individual witnessing. We want to break Britain from support for Israel.
George Galloway’s election victory in Rochdale last week was a political earthquake. He won because he put solidarity with Gaza on the ballot paper and because all the mainstream parties are tainted and widely seen as completely out of touch.
Only 12 percent of people in Britain trust political parties the Office for National Statistics said on Friday of last week. Down from 20 percent in the same survey run in 2022. But it would be a major mistake to stop mobilising and prioritise elections.
A break with Starmer isn’t enough—we need a break with Labourism, from a politics centred on elections. That’s why the Palestine movement shouldn’t listen to home secretary James Cleverly when he calls for an end to action because the protests are “repeating themselves”.
We shouldn’t stop fighting until we win. 
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