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The controversial right-wing MP Lee Anderson is in the headlines again today. This time it’s not for his outrageous comments about refugees, Sadiq Khan or foodbanks. It’s because he has joined Reform UK, becoming the first MP for Nigel Farage’s party.

Anderson likes to think of himself as a straight-talking man of the people. But a couple of weeks ago the polling firm YouGov asked the people what they actually think of him. The results make grim reading for him…

The poll found that just 13 per cent of Britons have a favourable view of Anderson, with 36 per cent having an unfavourable view. A whopping 51 per cent said they don’t know what their opinion of him is – possibly suggesting his name recognition among the public isn’t great.

More current Tory voters have an unfavourable opinion of Anderson than favourable too. 19 per cent of those currently intending to vote Tory say they have a favourable opinion of Anderson, compared to 31 per cent who say they have an unfavourable opinion.

Anderson will likely be welcomed by voters of his new party, however, with 56 per cent of those currently intending to vote Reform saying they have a favourable opinion of him.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

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