A F-35 fighter jet used by Israel

Israel—facing near-global isolation because of its crimes in Gaza—is seeking to spread war across the Middle East.It hopes this will bind the United States ever closer into an alliance, to intimidate its enemies and ensure the West continues to funnel arms and money to the Zionist state.

An Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital of Damascus on Monday obliterated a section of Iran’s embassy.  The attacks, carried out by Israeli F-35 fighter jets, killed three senior members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and at least five other people.

Top Israeli and US officials would undoubtedly have discussed such a provocative act in advance.  The US admitted last week it had set up “unprecedented levels of intelligence coordination” with Israel.

The attack was the fourth Israeli attack on Iran’s forces in Syria this year.  And last month the Israeli military said that its air and ground forces had struck more than 4,500 sites of the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah in both Lebanon and Syria since 7 October.

Iran, which supports Hezbollah, has sought to avoid entering a major war so far. Senior US and Iranian officials held indirect talks in January to agree on limiting the fighting.

But Israel believes the desperate state of Lebanon’s economy will hold back Hezbollah and that it can continue to poke at Iran. Such a stance will win it backing from Western imperialism and—secretly—from some Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia.

Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant said last weekend that Israel could “copy-paste” the destruction of Gaza into Lebanon’s Beirut. 

All of this comes after the British and US assaults against Yemen. These high-level manoeuvres can explode into a regional conflagration.  

Emile Hokayem, senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told the Financial Times newspaper this week, “Israel believes that Iran is effectively deterred, and is willing to risk a war in order to degrade significantly Iran and Hezbollah.

“This calculation will work until it will not, and then it will be catastrophic.” The appalling slaughter in Gaza is horrific. Imperialist war by the West against Iran or its allies will set off even more terrible blood-letting.

Imperialism will stop at nothing to defend and extend its rule.  But, as the last six months has shown, resistance by workers and the poor in Palestine, the Middle East and in the West can defy their schemes. 

When we take to the streets of Palestine, we also need to oppose all of the Western plans in the region. It’s more urgent than ever to keep up the momentum of the movement for Palestine and against imperialism.


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