Vicky Knight and Esmé Creed-Miles star in new film Silver Haze

Silver Haze kicks off with a techno drum beat and strong visuals of a joint being rolled. It quickly develops into a sex scene involving a gas mask and an unrequited confession of love in a tent. 

Our lead, Franky (Vicky Knight), exits the tent and enters her garden after seeking peace from her crowded east London family home.

We soon learn that 15 years ago, Franky’s family was victim to an arson attack on their pub, leaving her with life-altering scars. 

The impact of this places Franky, a hospital healthcare assistant— into the role of carer trying to help her family cope with their trauma. 

The rest of the film demonstrates how one point of disaster can go on to affect a person in a society that doesn’t provide most with the support they need.

Florence (Esmé Creed-Miles), a patient of Franky’s suffering from a “broken heart,” quickly becomes Franky’s love interest.

This film could be called a love story or a romance, but it is far more than that. 

It is a tale of longing, loss and hope for all those involved. It shows how we are often stripped off our connections to others and our ability to build healthy, lasting relationships in a capitalist world.

Director Sacha Polak and sound designer Jan Schermer have created dreamlike vignettes throughout the picture, which succeed in pulling us away from the grit momentarily and frame very regular moments as extraordinary. After Franky is kicked out of her family home for being gay, Florence takes her to Southend. 

There, Franky finally seems to be able to be seen and accepted by others. 

But despite all of this, Franky is still unable to shake the trauma of her past when she receives a possible confession in the arson case.

However very predictably, the police do absolutely nothing to investigate.

The film shows the tragedy of a system that degrades caring, but also the ability of working class people to love and care despite everything.

Silver Haze is in cinemas now


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