More images of destruction, this time Deir Al-Balah in cenntral Gaza (Picture: Unwra)

Palestinians in Gaza continue to die of starvation—despite the West’s insistence that it has put pressure on Israel to allow in more aid. Israel still heavily restricts aid trucks entering Gaza through Rafah and the Karem Abu Salem crossings in the south.

Since the beginning of April, its border security has

allowed less than 170 aid trucks per day to enter Gaza. That is just a quarter of the daily total allowed before the 7 October attacks.  

And, according to the UN Humanitarian Affairs Office (UNHAO), Israel has only let only 26 percent of planned food missions to areas at high risk of starvation reach their destination. UNHAO said over half of the aid missions were either denied or impeded, and the rest were postponed or withdrawn due to “security concerns” or “operational constraints.”

And the Israeli military continues to target aid convoys in the wake of its attack on the World Central Kitchen at the beginning of this month. Unicef said last week that one of its trucks was shot at by Israeli forces as it waited at the Salah al-Din Road checkpoint in central Gaza.

Israel’s obstruction, delay and attacks mean famine in Gaza is spreading. The blockade has already led to the deaths of at least 28 children from starvation and malnutrition in the six months of war.

Dr Hussam Abu Safiya, who leads Kamal Adwan Hospital’s paediatrics unit, said last week that most of the children who have died of hunger were under five months old. He added that a baby died just two days after being born after their mother’s poor health meant that she had no milk to give him. The situation is so bad that even a US government agency has been forced to admit there is a famine in Gaza.

Samantha Power, an administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, said last week that a famine is now underway in the north of the territory. She is the first US official to admit this. But such an acknowledgement will do nothing to stop the US’s support for Israel and its war.

Let’s tear down this apartheid wall

Palestinians in the West Bank tore down part of the separation wall that divides the occupied territory last Sunday. In videos shared on social media, people cheered and chanted as they dismantled metal parts of the wall.

Their defiance came as Israeli troops and settlers continue to ramp up their repression across the West Bank and Occupied Territories. A wave of Zionist attacks saw an Israeli settler murder a Palestinian man in the village of al-Mughayyir last Saturday.

An armed gang of settlers stormed the village near Ramallah and injured a further 25 Palestinians in the same attack.   Settlers also attacked the villages of Qusra, Duma and Al-Sawiya last weekend, burning the homes and vehicles of Palestinians as they went.

The attacking gangs were escorted by the Israeli army. Palestinian resistance group Hamas called on Palestinians in the West Bank to battle the Zionist colonisers. In a statement, it urged “the masses of our people and our heroic fighters to escalate the revolutionary and resistance movement, to clash with the Zionist enemy and its criminal settler militias”.

Resistance in Nuseirat takes on Israeli assault

Israel has identified the Nuseirat refugee camp, and the area surrounding it in central Gaza, as one of its latest military targets. The Israeli army has described its incursions into the camp as a “targeted mission” to destroy Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fighters.

But the Palestinian resistance met the assault with fierce fighting. A journalist from the Lebanese media channel Al Mayadeen said its fighters were still battling the Zionists last weekend. The al-Quds Brigade of the PIJ said it had ambushed and killed several Israeli soldiers. It added that it had used explosives to damage an Israeli Merkava tank and two Israeli D9 military-grade bulldozers.

The Israeli state has finally released two ambulance workers that it held hostage for over 50 days. The health workers with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) were arrested and kidnapped at a military checkpoint in Khan Younis in southern Gaza in February.

They were finally released on Monday morning. In a statement on Twitter/X, the PRCS said that the Israeli state is still holding six of its workers captives. It has no idea of their whereabouts and whether they are still alive. 

Opposition in Israel wants Gaza to be a forever war

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu says that Hamas rejected a ceasefire deal at the mediation meetings in Cairo, in Egypt last week. But the failure to reach agreement, and Netanyahu’s failure to win the return of Israeli hostages that Hamas holds, is adding to the political turmoil in Israel.

Tens of thousands of Israelis continue to join weekly anti-government protests. The mother of one captive said that Netanyahu had deliberately torpedoed the recent deal. She hit out at him in a speech last week, saying, “You are responsible for the abandonment of the hostages in Gaza. Because of you, hostages are being murdered in captivity. Yes, because of you.”

However, declining support for Netanyahu doesn’t mean less support for the Israel’s war. A recent poll found that a coalition led by former army general Benny Gantz could secure 69 percent of seats in the Israeli parliament. But Gantz offers little change from Netanyahu.

He said recently that Israel could be fighting its war in Gaza for generations. “Fighting against Hamas will take time,” he said. “Boys who are now in middle school will still be fighting in the Gaza Strip.” He added that Israel “will not stop. We will enter Rafah. We will return to Khan Younis. And we will operate in Gaza. Wherever there are terrorist targets.”

What they say…

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