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A new poll shows just how fed up the electorate is with the current government, predicting that the Tories will end up with just 85 seats should an election be held today.

The prediction, by Electoral Calculus, is based on opinion polls from 03 Apr 2024 to 26 Apr 2024, sampling 18,197 people.

It has Labour down to secure a 294-seat majority, with the party predicted to end up on 472 seats, while the Tories are predicted to fall to just 85 seats. The Liberal Democrats meanwhile are predicted to end up with just 50 seats.

The poll findings come ahead of the local and mayoral elections due to take place tomorrow, where the Tories are predicted to suffer heavy losses. Tory rebels have already warned Sunak that should the party perform poorly, it will only embolden them to seek a change of leadership.

On the latest dire predictions for the Tory party, Electoral Calculus stated: “Political opinion held fairly steady in April with no major changes for any party. Labour continues to have a lead of about 20pc over the Conservatives, which would guarantee them a large majority.

“Reform are ahead of the Liberal Democrats in vote share terms, but are not expected to win any seats. In Scotland, Labour and the SNP are roughly level, which would cause the SNP to lose over half of their current seats.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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