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The Tories are heading for electoral oblivion and a Labour government looks certain. But there are also many people who hate all the main parties. They are angry over issues from vicious racism towards refugees, to the collapse of the NHS, falling real wages and inaction over climate chaos. Plus, there’s the Tory and Labour support for genocide by Israel

On Thursday last week, “others”—Greens, independent groups, residents’ associations and some vile parties such as Reform UK—took 24 percent of the vote. That reflects a very long trend against two-party politics that was briefly reversed by Brexit. As one analyst put it, “It is only our first past the post electoral system that has, to date, prevented a European-style party fragmentation, but the pressure is building nonetheless. Later this year we are likely to see the lowest Lab/Con combined score since the war.”

Those messages from last week’s elections underline the crisis at the top and the potential for left wing resistance from below. Part of that will be reflected by more of the electoral challenges we saw from some of the pro-Palestine independents. But more importantly there are new outbursts of resistance now to build around. That includes the emergency protests over a Rafah invasion, the university Palestine solidarity encampments and the blockades of reporting centres and police stations over the Rwanda deportations.

Keir Starmer and his Labour inner circle were shaken by the loss of support, particularly in areas where there are many Muslim voters. The party’s hierarchy will be cynically weighing up how many seats this might cost them compared to how many they hold on to by following the establishment line. 

Ultimately Starmer takes his lead from Joe Biden and US imperialism, not from angry British voters. How can we bring together all the issues that are radicalising people and make our resistance most effective? We need politics that identifies capitalism as the root of war, racism and class attacks. And we need active intervention and initiative to put those politics at the heart of all the battles taking place.  

The best way to do this will be to stay on the streets for Palestine and escalate the anti-racist activity and workers’ strikes. It’s also crucial that we don’t allow elections to become the focus of the protest movements. 

Let’s raise the fightback on every front before and during the general election. This will be valuable preparation to fight for Palestine and for the working class whoever gets into 10 Downing Street. But we also need a much larger socialist presence in every part of the resistance.


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