UAW members have joined protests for Palestine (Picture: UAW 4811 on Twitter)

The horror in Rafah and across Gaza, sanctioned by Western imperialism, will continue unless we build the kind of resistance those in power find impossible to ignore.

The student movement for Palestine has gone global. But to take the fight to the next level, workers, acting as workers, must follow the students’ lead.

In the United States, workers are already showing the potential for escalation in the workplaces.

At the University of California, which has campuses across the state, 48,000 academic workers were voting this week on whether to strike in solidarity with the student revolt over Palestine.

The members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) branch— Local 4811—are poised to walkout to hit back at university bosses who called the cops to break up student encampments.

The national leaders of the UAW—one of the largest unions in the US, with close ties to the Democrats—did not want such a ballot.

But pressure from rank and fi le members from below meant they were forced to concede a vote.

More of this kind of defiance from workers, which forces union leaders to move, is immensely significant.

Because when workers act, when they strike, they have the power to shut down the normal running of society. They squeeze the source of profits for the ruling class.

As Socialist Worker went to press workers and students in Britain were preparing for a day of action on Nakba Day. It remembers the murder and expulsion of Palestinians by Zionists in 1948 but also the enduring defiance by Palestinians for the 76 years since.

We hope this week’s day of action—driven by activists from the base of the movement—was a massive success.

But we also know it would have been bigger if the trade union leaders who have been so slow to act had thrown their full weight behind it.

The working class faces a crossroads. One way lies advance, the present road leads to disaster.

Rishi Sunak this week made an extraordinary speech where he said that Britain faces “dangerous, transformational” years and “more will change in the next five years than in the last 30”.

He hoped his predictions of chaos and crisis would stampede people into backing the Tories. Such desperate measures won’t save him.

But unwittingly he confirms that capitalism is driving society over the edge and offers only war, poverty, racism and environmental collapse.

The future is not Sunak or Labour but struggle and socialism.

We need to organise for resistance on every front. And that means building a revolutionary socialist force.

That’s why we urge people to join the Socialist Workers Party.

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