Security workers outside Bridle Court in Walsall Picture: Walsall TUC

Job centre security guards had big picket lines on Monday of last week. Workers took action across Britain from Manchester to outside parliament in London.

The GMB union members who work for G4S are striking for a pay rise that will bring their pay above the minimum wage. Kobir said on the Walsall picket line, “We are striking for more pay and better working conditions. I have been in the company for 15 years.

It’s the worst contract I have ever been on.” Eamon O’Hearn, GMB national officer, said, “Job Centre security guards are eking out a living on just above the minimum wage, despite facing horrific violence and abuse while on the job.” The workers also plan to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Asda strike is growing

More workers at Asda supermarkets are planning to strike. Around 100 workers at the Brighton Hollingbury superstore are planning to walk out on Friday and Saturday.

The GMB union members are furious about several issues, including management ignoring safety concerns and poor training. In particular, a cut to hours and an increase in a culture of bullying by management has sparked the ballot.

They will join a growing number of Asda workers who have taken action.

Workers in Gosport, Wisbech and Lowestoft have already struck for better treatment and conditions. The GMB said that more workers at Asda stores in the south east have voted to have formal strike ballots.

More join Leicester NHS workers in fight over pay

News that workers at neighbouring trusts have also voted to walk out has boosted striking health care support workers in Leicester.

The dispute centres on bosses’ failure for years to pay the right rate for the job—and their refusal to make a good back pay offer.

The Unison union says members in both Northampton and Kettering voted by over 90 percent to strike. They have received the same paltry offer bosses have made in Leicester—and share the same chief executive.

That means there is a logic to these workers heading to pickets at the same time.

Health care assistants (HCAs) from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are set to strike again over a banding and backpay issue. HCAs in Unison walked out for five days, starting on Monday of this week. This follows a 24-hour strike in March and a 72-hour stoppage in April. Hundreds of workers are striking across seven sites at the two trusts.

Barnet workers just keep on battling for better

This Monday marked the 43 days of action for the Barnet council mental health social workers in north London. They walked out again last Monday and are planning to be out until Friday next week.

This followed two weeks of action from 15 April and 27 days between September and February. And they planned to walk out for four weeks from 17 June—but the strikers have added more strike days between 3 June and 14 June.

There will now be no gap between the action. Barnet Unison union said, “Our strikers, having faced gaslighting, threats of strike breaking via use of an agency and outsourcing, decided that ‘enough is enough’.

“Barnet council is not taking the dispute seriously, and more worryingly, they are underestimating the risks of the dispute continuing in respect of the wellbeing of service users.

“We know that over 80 percent of the current social workers across the three teams had no experience of working as mental health social workers before they came to work in the Barnet mental health social work teams. “We know that 21 social workers have left these teams in the last 20 months.”

Barnet Unison also said another social worker has handed in their notice and another has left the team recently. That’s on top of two of the most experienced mental health social workers transferring to the NHS.

Social care support officers in Lancashire County Council have been fighting for two years for a job regrade. But there has been no progress so the workers voted 90 percent in favour of strikes.


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