A protest against Sudan war outside of Downing Street last year (Picture: Steve Eason)

Thousands of people across the world plan to march this Saturday to highlight the slaughter and famine in Sudan, north Africa. It is five years since the military’s counter-revolutionary massacres in the capital Khartoum and other cities, whose horrors failed to break the surge for democracy by millions of Sudanese people.

Since April 2023, a murderous civil war between the state military and the competing RSF militia has seen ten million people forced from their homes. Around three million children are acutely malnourished.

A country of nearly 50 million is a war zone. In the Darfur region the militias carry out mass murder, rape, torture and looting. All the while the imperialists and the regional powers push their own interests.

The Sudanese people mean nothing to the overlords of profit and power. They are abandoned to war, starvation and catastrophic climate change. Capitalism offers no future to the vast majority of the world’s population. For five years Sudanese workers and the poor have fought for a different future.

They created grassroots structures to challenge rule from above. But Sudan also shows the terrible price of a revolution that is not carried through to the end. We stand with all those fighting against the warring generals in Sudan. And we also learn of the need for a socialist revolution, not a reshuffle at the top that ends with bitter ruling class revenge.

For protests, including in London, Cardiff, Oxford, Manchester and Edinburgh, go to tinyurl.com/SudanMENA


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