Nigel Farage is taking over as leader of the Reform UK party as well as standing in Clacton (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Nigel Farage announced on Monday that he will stand in the seat of Clacton, Essex in the upcoming election for Reform UK. He will run a campaign of racist scapegoating against Muslims and migrants.

The latest announcement comes only ten days after Farage ruled out standing, so he could instead support Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

Farage said he changed his mind because “people want me on the front line”. “I’m not going to turn my back on the people’s army—all those people that followed me despite the horrific things said about me.

“People want someone to believe in. We will get more than the four million votes UKIP got in 2015,” Farage confidently said.

When asked why he would stand against a Tory candidate, Farage swiftly responded with an attack on migrants. “The answer is 2.4 million. The 2.4 million people this Conservative government has allowed to settle in Britain in the course of the last two years.”

Farage went on to ramp up the racist attack. “The population explosion has devalued the life of ordinary Britons,” he said. “We’re in social decline. And we’re actually in a form of moral decline. We’ve forgotten who we are as a country.”

Farage hopes to seize on people’s grievances—and blame migrants for them. “What I’m calling for—and intend to lead—is a political revolt,” he said. “A turning of backs on the political status quo. It doesn’t work.

“Nothing works. The NHS doesn’t work. Roads don’t work. Nothing is up to scratch. We are in decline. We will only return with boldness.”

But Farage’s solution will only breed divisions in a working class which should be united against the real enemy—the bosses and the rich. He has no real answers to the vast problems that ordinary people face, which are rooted in a capitalist system rigged for the rich.

Instead, Farage went on to make a far right pitch, posing “real” entrepreneurs against multinational corporations.

“We will only recover our position with economic growth,” he said. “That will only come when we get away from half a dozen multinational corporations dominating the thought of politicians and allowing real entrepreneurship to flourish.”

So Farage claimed that Reform UK is “very, very much on the side of that little guy or woman”.

But he and Reform UK aren’t. Farage isn’t a “man of the people”. He went to public school. He’s a millionaire stock trader whose interests lie in enriching himself and his cronies.

It is fakery when Farage says he is standing up for ordinary people. Farage’s speech was a racist intervention into what was already going to be a racist election.

Before Farage spoke, Richard Tice—who was leader of Reform UK until Farage’s announcement—called this “an immigration election”.

What has enabled Tice to do so is constant ramping up of racism by the Tories—and the Labour Party reflecting it, rather than combatting it with principled anti-racism.

And we shouldn’t forget Farage’s nastiness. In 2020, Farage said of the Black Lives Matter movement that a “new form of the Taliban was born in the UK today”. “Our cities won’t be worth living in” is what Farage said when people took to the streets to fight racism.

In 2014 Farage claimed that parts of Britain were “unrecognisable” and “like a foreign land”. He also praised Tory racist Enoch Powell, “I would never say that Powell was racist in any way at all. Had we listened to him, we would have much better race relations now than we have got”.

Farage and Reform UK should be harassed wherever they go—at any campaign launch or rally. Anti-racists should fight back against their racist politics tooth and nail.


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