Tory women and equalities minister Kemi Badenoch (Picture: Simon Dawson Number 10 on Twitter)

Not content with ramping up racism against migrants, the Tories are escalating their vile attacks on trans people in a desperate attempt to spread division and win votes.

The Tories decided an early election promise would be to exclude trans people from single-sex spaces and rewrite the Equality Act so that sex means “biological sex”.

Tory women and equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has spouted hateful rhetoric that paints trans women as a threat.

She spoke about “rapists being housed in women’s prisons” and “men playing women’s sports so they have an unfair advantage”.

Badenoch and the Tories’ words will embolden the far right and fuel further violent attacks against trans people.

And the move would also attack the right of the Scottish parliament to legislate on this issue.

The Tories made clear that Westminster alone would have the power to make laws about gender recognition so that a person can only have one sex by law across Britain.

Attacking trans people has been a repeated tactic of the Tories to spread division and Labour has conceded to their attacks.

Socialists should be clear that trans women are women, trans men are men, and say that the fights for trans rights and women’s rights are inseparably linked.

We’ll be saying this loud and clear on the streets at Trans+ Pride on 27 July in Trafalgar Square, London, beginning at 1pm, and at other Pride events.


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