The resignation of Israel’s former military chief, Benny Gantz, will likely send the Zionist state further into chaos.

Last month Gantz threatened to withdraw from Israel’s war-time coalition government because prime minister

Binyamin Netanyahu has no viable plans for a “day after” Israel’s assault on Gaza. Netanyahu and other sections of the Israeli state don’t have “day after” plans because they are still unable to beat Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian resistance.

There are reports that Israel is facing a shortage of soldiers and is having to increasingly seek volunteers to fight in Gaza.

Israeli reserve major-general and military analyst Yitzhak Brik wrote recently in the Jerusalem Post that Israel could lose against Hamas.

He said that the Israeli army was “small and weak” and had “no surplus of forces.”

Gantz voiced this frustration in a televised appearance last Sunday. He said that Netanyahu is preventing a “true victory” over Hamas.

He also called on Netanyahu to call new elections. Gantz’s party, National Union, submitted a bill last week to dissolve parliament.

There were big protests in Israel last weekend where demonstrators called for the release of the remaining captives held by Hamas and for there to be new elections.

One of the attendees, Reut Forstner Avraham, said, “We’re losing everything, crops are being burnt, tourism is collapsing, the small businesses that are still operating are collapsing, and worst of all, our communities are collapsing.”

The Zionist state’s inability to crush Hamas is causing more and more tension within Israeli society, with Gantz’s resignation being the latest example.

Death imported direct from US White House

The Israeli state has used US bombs to carry out some of its most bloody massacres in Gaza.

These are the findings of two reports by CNN and The New York Times with the assistance of explosive weapons experts.

The GBU-39 bomb, made in California, was dropped on a United

Nations school where hundreds of Palestinians were sheltering, killing at least 40 people last Thursday. The Zionist state also used the same bombs to turn a camp in Rafah into an inferno on 26 May, killing at least 45 people. And they were used in an attack on a home in Nuseirat that killed as many as 30.

The US State Department has recently said that Israeli forces have used US weapons in ways “inconsistent” with international humanitarian law.

Yet Joe Biden doesn’t want to stop funding the slaughter. His latest cheque to the Israeli state includes over £11 billion in military aid and almost £2 billion for regional military operations.

He has only promised just over £7 billion for humanitarian aid in Gaza.


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