‘Fuck the RN’ said demonstrators in Marseille on Monday

Thousands of young people and other anti-fascists raged in France on Monday night. This followed the surge in support for the fascist RN party and president Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call a general election.

Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (National Rally, RN) has clearly arrived at the top of the votes for the European elections. With other fascist parties, the French extreme right obtained nearly 10 million votes. In the wake of the election results, president Emmanuel Macron announced parliamentary elections—in three weeks on 30 June.

Under the cover of an election, there is a lurid and anti-democratic process. Macron’s neoliberals, who have been in office for seven years, now in a cynical attempt to hang on to power, present themselves as the only barrier to fascism.

France is providing a blatant example of the reverse of this. It is the racist and nationalist politicians, the border closure policies, the anti-immigrant policies that legitimise the ideas of the fascists. Emmanuel Macron has done this.

Among the fascists from the National Rally in the European Parliament, you can now find Fabrice Leggeri, the former director of Frontex, the European border police.

He used the harshest measures against migrants when he headed Frontex. These practices resulted in the deaths of more than 650 refugees near Pylos in Greece a year ago.

The conclusions must be drawn. Blocking the fascist route does not pass through various kinds of electoral manoeuvres and compromises with racism.

There are millions who have mobilised in recent years over pensions, the climate, for Palestine, against racist laws, against police killings and to oppose assaults on education.

It is only possible to block the route to fascism through the fight against racism in unity and in solidarity with migrants. And we need anti-fascists rooted in the neighbourhoods and workplaces.

Actions and demonstrations are multiplying for Gaza. They have come together in solidarity with the people fighting back in New Caledonia in the South Pacific against Macron’s colonialist policy.

It must be absolutely clear that electoral manoeuvres on the left that compromise with racism undermine the forces behind the construction of these movements.

These movements are the force to block the fascist route and they are how we confront the politicians who are opening their path. We need to be on the streets today, and then on Friday to remember the victims of Pylos and to fight fascism in France, and to keep fighting throughout the election period and afterwards.

Follow the Marche des Solidarites anti-racist group here 


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